Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Exclusive Video: KCK Gas Fire

Enjoy our poorly shot and edited exclusive high definition video of the 2.4 million gallons of sweet unleaded gasoline ablaze in Kansas City, KS.

Thanks to Blogcasting News for supplying the bandwidth to stream this fine video!


Tony said...

awesome job man. I liked it and I linked.

Anonymous said...

Is this at a refinery? I've noticed over the last decade that anytime there is a reduction in the cost of a barrel of oil or it looks like the price of gas may drop there is always a refinery fire or a big spill or accident at a refinery, or a refinery goes down for repairs driving the price back up.

Has anybody ever noticed this, and the fact that one refinery going down causes the gas prices of the entire nation to go up. Conspiracy theory? Not.