Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Early October Surprise... Michelle Obama 'Whitey' Tape Surfaces

Hillary Clinton supporter Larry Johnson, no not the Chief's dead beat, claims Republicans have a tape of Michelle Obama doing her own anti-white, racist tirade alongside Louis Farrakhan. The statements made by Mrs. Obama may have been made as recently as August 5, 2007.

Larry Johnson also reports that that the Obama campaign has denied the existence of the tape to the media, but at the same time is sending out a doctored transcript of the tape to campaign bloggers. In the doctored transcript the word 'whitey' has been cleverly been changed to 'why'd he'.

UPDATE: Democrat spokesmen are busy making the rounds on mainstream media pundit shows claiming Republicans will release this tape in the event and after Barrack Obama clinches his party's nomination.

Do Republicans actually have this tape or are Democrat leaders making a straw man claim so that Hillary supporters can release the tape first and blame it on Republicans providing a convenient scapegoat for super delegates to switch their votes back to Clinton before the convention? Is Hillary Clinton's intentions to not concede tonight tied to the probable release of this tape? We'll find out tonight or early tomorrow.

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