Tuesday, June 3, 2008

CIA Sold Nuke Design to Iran?

A new book uncovers shocking revelations inside the CIA. The CIA may have actually sold the blueprints to make a nuclear bomb to Iran.

In 'State of War', a new book by James Risen, the author provides details of Operation Merlin. Operation Merlin was a covert op by the CIA designed to discover just how interested Iran would be in obtaining nuclear weapons.

The CIA used a defected Russian scientist to sell blueprints for constructing a firing mechanism to a Russian nuclear weapon. The idea was to build a flaw into the design to insure the weapon would not function properly. However, the Russian scientist identified the flaw and fearing for his life alerted the Iranians to its existence.

Operation Merlin was authorized by President Clinton, but carried out under the Bush administration, perhaps to provide an excuse for attacking Iran.

On top of this, the book details another CIA blunder in 2004 that left the U.S. blind in Iran. A official in the CIA headquarters emailed detailed lists of CIA assets operating inside Iran to an Iranian double agent. The Iranian spy quickly handed over this list to Iranian intelligence.

Iran quickly rounded up the CIA agents arresting and jailing them. The whereabouts of some are still unknown.

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