Friday, May 2, 2008

Where Your Shows Went

So you missed your shows thanks to the latest edition of weather mania. Here's where to find them online or on rebroadcast:

30 Rock, Scrubs, The Office, & My Name is Earl can be viewed at They will not be re-aired locally. ER will be rebroadcast at 2:04 am Saturday morning.

Survivor and CSI can be viewed online here and here respectively. Without a Trace will only be available on KCTV 5 at 11:00pm on Sunday. Survivor was re-aired at 11:37 last night (thanks for the notice TV 5 jerkoffs), CSI will re-air Friday at 11:37pm.

Ugly Betty, Greys Anatomy, and Lost can all be viewed at here. Grey's will re-air at 10:35 Friday, Ugly Betty noon Saturday, and Lost at 10:35 pm Saturday.

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader and Don't Forget the Lyrics are MIA.

The CW:
Smallville will re-air at 8:00 Saturday and Supernatural at 9:00 Saturday.

Unfortunately, rebroadcasts are not likely to be in HD.


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