Monday, May 5, 2008

UAW Local 31 - Overpaid/Underskilled, Whiny Babies

GM lost $3.3 billion in just the first quarter of 2008, but that's not stopping members of the UAW local 31 from walking out and demanding even less responsibility. At issue, seniority. Apparently, UAW workers think they should get the "easy" jobs on the line if they have seniority. GM thinks those jobs should be given as a reward for hard, efficient work.

The plant in Fairfax makes the Chevy Malibu and employs 2,500 people. GM is disappointed with the walkout and will increase production of the Malibu at their Orion Township plant.

We're not sure if the local UAW members are just feeling over worked pushing that button or pulling that lever for eight straight hours, but if they don't get back to work at their highly overpaid jobs, they can look forward to seeing their jobs move to Mexico or worse GM go under altogether.

One employee who had been with GM for more than 30 years had this highly intelligent comment.

"[W]e have to stand up for our rights," Massbenburg said. "This is a good company, but sometimes you have to go through these things to get what you deserve."

Your rights? Can you show us the provisions in the constitution that grant seniority rights? You want what you deserve? How about $5.85 an hour? Any idiot can push that button, pull that lever, or stack those boxes in the feeder. Go to school and get a skill or just delay the inevitability of being replaced by a machine or an illegal immigrant.

Maybe it's time to shut up and get to work!


Anonymous said...

GM actually thinks those "easy" jobs should pay only $14 per hour instead of the standard $28 per hour they currently pay. Those "easy" jobs have always been filled with high seniority employees. Now since they'll pay only half they will be filled with the lowest seniority employees. Consider the reality of having your job declared "easy" and your pay cut in half. How much of your work day did you just waste reading this? Those UAW GM guys work non stop until the line stops at breaktime. They don't have time to read a blog or check their email.

Locomotive Breath said...

You sound like a man who pays quarterly & SE taxes. Tis amazing how one's view of the world changes on that side of the equation.

The union gooks make the same mistake of many workers: they think those jobs 'belong' to them.

Nothing could be further from the truth. And they'll wreck the company to prove it. Boneheads.

Bob said...

Anon, that's how the free market works. If GM can fill those same "easy" jobs for $14, than those jobs should only pay $14.

With a low skilled job, like this one, you don't deserve a higher wage just because you have been pushing the button longer than another guy.

At $28 an hour, this low skilled laborer is earning nearly $60,000 a year. In KC that is an outrageously high wage for such a position. At $14 an hour the job bumps up against the $30k per year mark. Neither of those figures includes insurance or other benefits... like those GM pensions which are far more than any unskilled employee deserves. GM should be telling all of its current employees to invest in their own 401k program because there is no way a pension can be sustained, especially in a shrinking company.

You know, McDonald's burger flippers work all day too, should they make $60,000 a year? How about the toll booth collector on I-70? What about the clerk at the QuikTrip? What about the jizz mopper at the nudey booth, okay maybe he deserves it, but you get my point.

You know why people like us have time to read email and blog during the day? It's because we have skills that make us more productive and allow us to get more work done in a shorter amount of time. For example, take the guy who developed the robot which will eventually make these jobs useless. You could say he is doing the work of thousands of men for a minute fraction of the cost.

It would be nice if companies in free markets could afford to just pay every employee $50,000 plus a year, but that's not reality, at least not for a company that lost $3.3 billion last quarter and on pace to lose $13 billion over the year. I repeat, in order to earn a higher wage, you need to have a skill that few others have. And no amount of button pushing can improve that skill.

It's funny how UAW is all for construction workers (a skilled trade I would argue) having their wages surpressed by illegal immigrant labor, but when it comes to protecting the lavish wages of their unskilled union members there is no amount of suicidal behavior beyond them.

Ed said...

Many people won't buy GM cars because of the problems the cars have - many caused during manufacturing. Most of those folks will buy foreign cars, made by laborers making much less than than the average American Auto worker and the car is of higher quality.

Those in these unions need to learn to make a much-higher quality car than the Japanese and Germans before running around declaring that their button-pushing job is actually worth $28/hr.

Oh, and my mother owns a 2005 Malibu. Came off the line with a broken washer fluid tank, and the right-hand turn signals keep burning out bulbs within hours of replacing with a new one. The car is not of "high quality".

Dustin said...

And these know nothings make their high wages, then send their kids to college to ruin it for the smart ones, dragging them down, peer pressuring them to skip class and overall dragging down the intellect of the college graduate, so now instead of a bachelor's degree, intelligent people need to waste more time in school getting a Master's when they could be out producing something for society.

James said...

You almost sound like you'd have signed Ward Connerly's petition to make employment and education colorblind had you had the chance. Too bad they were so disorganized.

Out by me I saw a petitioner 1 time in the last 2 months. I saw a petitioner for in-home health care for the elderly poor everyday during that period.

Anonymous said...

WOW a look back on some old posts, Hey Ed said, "Those in these unions need to learn to make a much-higher quality car than the Japanese and Germans before running around declaring that their button-pushing job is actually worth $28/hr."

I suggest you check this link here.

And obviously you have never worked in a factory or you would know we do not just "push buttons" I am willing to bet you morons could not last one day on our jobs. I work the line, by choice, with a degree. Why? because I make more money than most of you in your chosen professions, I call that being smart.

Silvio said...

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Anonymous said... dont just push buttons at build cars your putting on alternators starters cradles gas tanks...there really isnt much dont by hand aside from Vin Etch and Painting. Ive worked at a lot of places, built bridges, ups fedex ect...and autoworkers have it the hardest. every minute you got a new car and a pretty tough job to do.