Tuesday, May 13, 2008

UAW Local 31 Costing Hard Workers Their Jobs

UAW Local 31 union members who are out walking the picket lines so that union workers with extremely high hourly wages can work entry level line jobs are now costing other hard working Kansas Citians out of work.

There's now word that Penske Logistics in Kansas City, Kansas has had to lay off 92 workers.

Apparently, it's not enough for UAW union leaders to put the jobs of their members at risk over silly issues like this, now they have to endanger the livelihoods of others.

"[T]here's not one person out here today, one person in any organized labor that would not want to use their seniority to bid to a job that they would prefer to do," said Jeff Manning, UAW Representative.

We're sure there isn't any worker who wouldn't want to be able to pick their job just because they have seniority, but what does that have to do with reality? A for profit business needs profit to exist and pay wages, to say nothing of pensions. GM lost $3.3 billion last quarter. How long before they say forget it, and just move the factory to Mexico or China and get someone for $1 an hour to build the Malibu? It's not exactly like UAW workers are known for high quality.

This b.s. strike has gone on too long. Union members need to speak up and force the leadership to let you get back to work!

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