Monday, May 19, 2008

Sebelius Vetoes Photo ID

Kathleen Sebelius has vetoed HB 2019, a bipartisan measure designed to prevent voter fraud.
It is my belief that HB 2019 goes against our state’s long standing tradition of striving to achieve greater voter participation in our democratic process. The needless, additional identification requirements of HB 2019 will only work to disenfranchise many of the electorate and serve as a barrier to their participation in the democratic process.
- Kathleen Sebelius

Let's put aside for a moment the fact that without voter identification there is no way to know whether someone casting a ballot is a legal resident and voter or not and explore another aspect of voter mischief that is being ignored.

We could talk about ACORN, who packed voter registrations in the Kansas City area with false names and dead voters, but we won't. We'll stick to the actual act of fraudulent voting.
“I was wrong in what I did,” said James D. Scherzer, an attorney who acknowledged to the newspaper that he voted in Kansas City and Kansas City, Kan., in the August 2000 primary election. Then he did it again in elections in November 2000, August 2002 and November 2002.

The KC Star did an investigation and "uncovered more double voters, and records suggest there could be more than 300 statewide."

Data for Kansas is difficult to come by, but if we look at neighboring Missouri, we find that over 10,000 deceased people were still on voting registrations lists in 2006, and well over 200 had cast a ballot in the 2004 presidential election.
"William Phillippe is one of 10,520 deceased citizens who remain registered to vote in Missouri, and one of 235 who — according to a state database created earlier this year — managed to cast a vote after death."

If Democrats were truly worried about election integrity and making every legal vote count, they would stand behind voter ID legislation. Instead, they continue to disenfranchise legitimate voters by fighting real measures that ensure election integrity.


Anonymous said...

Some of these politicians are nothing more than criminals. Plain and simple. All they care about is getting elected the next time around and could care less about making laws, much less abiding by them.

But you better belive it when the Socialist States of America comes to fruition, these ultra-communist liberals will make damn sure they check the IDs of all who "vote" for the next dictator in a one-sided election.

Is it not obvious that all these liberals want to do is break the current laws of our country so they can take over when they get a majority? They're using people, blinding everyone as they mow down common sense and freedom of conscience, clawing their way to be America's first dictator.

Sebelius, you are criminal - guilty of treason against your own country. Don't bitch if someone breaks in your house, or steals your purse, or spits on you, steals your identity, cuts in front of you in line...


If someone commits a crime against you Sebelius, don't forget to sing the Soviet National Anthem and be happy! You wanted it!

Anonymous said...

Do I dare say it?

"What did we expect would happen when we voted in a woman - that she'd ignore her nuturing instincts and become a real leader?"

And now we have all these idiots who want to vote in yet another woman??

And what's pathetic is you got a bunch of pansie-assed men who act just like her. I guess one of the requirements of males joining the democrats is to let the women rip your balls off.