Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Screenland Armour, NKC Largest TV Screen

On May 22nd, Screenland Armour, an 80 year old movie theatre located in North Kansas City, will re-open its doors.

Butch Rigby purchased the theatre from the city last summer for $600,000 and began renovation. He has had an animatronic figure installed in the theatre to make it appear as if it is opening the curtain before each show starts. He has also installed a VIP balcony with red leather couches for those who want that couch potato feeling when watching a movie.

Area drunkards will also be able to purchase wine and mixed drinks with their over priced buttery popcorn at the concession stand.

Artists have been working on the theatre painting two large murals inside the theatre. They also have worked to restore the masonic reliefs that sit outside above the two exits that bookend the theatre's entrance and ticket booth.

No word on the actual dimensions of the new screen, but based on the size of the building you can bet there are pretty good odds that large screens can be purchased for your home at Best Buy.

And yes, the first film the theatre will be showing is the highly anticipated "Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". Tickets can be purchased online at http://www.screenland.com/.


Anonymous said...

I think it's kind of cool to reopen that old theater, but the only reason anyone will want to go to it is if they live in NKC and don't have a car, or they're attracted to its nostalgic reasons. I will probably go to see waht it's like.

Anonymous said...

In regard to "The only reason anyone will go up there is for nostalgia" I beg to differ. It has state of the art digital sound, stadium seating, a full bar and an expanded food menu. Everything from the doors to the murals shows the attention to detail of days gone by...not to mention "Roscoe" the mechanical man, Red Leather Recliners and VIP seating areas. If you want to see a movie, you can go to a multiplex or you can go to the theatre.