Thursday, May 29, 2008

Race Baiter Welcomed at Trinity United Church of Christ

The racist church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Barack Hussein Obama welcomed race baiter and self loather Father Mike Phleger recently. His racist and politically charged rant was vibrantly cheered by Trinity United Church of Christ members who proudly practice Black Liberation Theology.

In the rant, Father Phleger implies Hillary Clinton is a white supremacist and that all white people are the beneficiaries of slavery and are to be held accountable for the acts of slave holders who lived nearly 150 years ago.

As a result of viewing the above video, the JOCOSOB rightly questions the validity of Trinity United's tax exempt status.


Anonymous said...

These are the men that keep racism alive and well. I posted this article on my own site yesterday and was amazed at the number of hits I have had since posting this story. Thousands of hits, so much in fact that my tracking feed crashed and had to reset and start over.

Sadly though, one reply. People appear to read but not to care? Not sure.

Mark said...

Unbelievable! This is so disgusting. One more person--and a "man of God"--lashing out at Hillary Clinton. I hope this is huge.