Thursday, May 8, 2008

Power and Blight District Operators Censoring Critics?

The Power & Blight District has been heavily criticised by local blogger, Tony of Tonyskansascity, and rightfully so. Now the operators of the entertainment district have gone so far as to block access to Tony's blog through the open wi-fi network accessible within the Kansas City Live area to try and silence him.

They've classified his blog as porn. And while nearly every post includes its own photo of scantly clad women, none of the photos are any worse than what can be seen in any mainstream publication.

We're certain The Cordish Company would never admit to intentionally blocking Tonyskansascity just because he was the first to leak reports that they planned to sue the city if they allow other entertainment areas, like Westport, to gain open-container "festival" licenses, but this fact is evident to any casual observer.

We're behind Tony on this one and are urging our readers to boycott the district and the Sprint Center until the block is removed.


Bull E. Vard said...

On the list of reasons to boycott the Power and Light, Tony being censored comes in about 15th place. I think a better goal would be for all the bloggers in town to work hard to get themselves censored on the KC Live wi-fi.

James said...

Lol, couldn't agree more!