Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Proof McCain Can't Win

It's been a couple of months since John "manchurian" McCandidate became the presumptive Republican nominee in 2008. Despite all other contenders having dropped from the race, McCain still can't garner the support of a significant portion of Republicans.

In last night's primaries in Indiana and North Carolina, both strong Republican states, 23% and 27% of the Republican electorate, respectively, voted for someone other than John McCain. Just last week 27% of Pennsylvania Republican primary voters voted against McCain.

If McCain is losing a quarter or more of Republican voters in meaningless elections that offer no real incentive for supporters of other candidates to cast ballots, what does this signal about his chances in the general election?

At this point it would seem that McCain's only chance of being elected is if the Democrats continue on their course to select Barack Obama. Each day Obama grows more susceptible to the credibility question arising as a result of the people he has chosen to associate himself with. These questions will be very difficult for most proud American voters to overlook.

As long time Republicans, we at the Kansas Citian never thought we'd say this, but we are praying Hilliary can pull a rabbit out of her hat and give us someone to vote for in the fall. McCain nor Obama seem acceptable to us at this point. Any honest Republican can admit that the country was much better off eight years ago than it is today and Hilliary can likely do no more harm than her husband did.

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