Tuesday, May 20, 2008

McCain's Clueless Foreign Policy.

First, he thought Vladamir Putin was the president of Germany, then he said Iran, a mostly Shiite country, was supplying Sunni extremists like al-Qaida with weapons when, in fact, officials acknowledge that the intelligence suggests Iran is helping Shiite extremists not Sunni. Now McCain's done it again.

After falsely stating Iranian President Ahmadinejad said he would wipe Israel off the map, when in reality he said he would wipe Zionists of the map, McCain now shows he doesn't even know who the real leader of Iran is.

KLEIN: Also checked, also checked with the Obama campaign and he never, he's never sai -- mentioned Ahmadinejad directly by name. He did say he would negotiate with the leaders, but as you know - Ayatollah,

MCCAIN: (Laughing) Ahmadinejad is, was the leader.

KLEIN: But if -

MCCAIN: Maybe I'm mistaken.

KLEIN: Maybe you are, because -

MCCAIN: Maybe. I don't think so though.

KLEIN: The Supreme, you know, according to most diplomatic experts, the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is the guy who's in charge of Iranian foreign policy and also in charge of the nuclear program, but you never mention him. Do you, you know, um, why do you always keep talking about Ahmadinejad since he doesn't have power in that, in that realm?

In all likelihood the next president will be forced to figure out how to not only get us out of Iraq, but Iran as well. That is if you believe these reports that are suggesting Bush plans to launch an attack on Iran before his term concludes.

"Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran," sings John McCain. How can any intelligent American continue to believe that McCain is the right person to lead our country?

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