Monday, May 5, 2008

McCain for La Raza

Presidential hopeful John McCain celebrated Cinco de Mayo by announcing his upcoming attendance at the La Raza Annual Convention in San Diego on July 14, 2008.

"On this day in 1862, a small group of Mexican troops overcame overwhelming force to win the Battle of Puebla. Today, we join together to remember the sacrifice that these Mexican patriots endured."
- John McCain

We knew McCain was getting a bit senile, but this announcement takes the cake. Which country does John "manchurian" McCandidate think he is running for president of? We were under the assumption it was the United States, but apparently it's actually Mexico.


Jay said...

John McCain is nuts!

cheated by politicians said...

Politicians will woo anyone for a vote. Doesn't matter if they're legal citizens or not. It's all a show in hopes of making those who vote (legally or illegally) think they're the best candidate.

Anyone else here think we got shafted with THREE idiots to choose from? I've been told to vote for the lesser of the evils, but it's not like one has mild evils and the other has moderate evils. All THREE are horrible! It's like choosing between Sadam, Hitler, and Stalin! For example: if you have to vote for either a rapist or a child molester who do ya vote for????