Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lawrence, KS Having It's Own Siren Controversy

Some Lawrence, KS residents are upset that the weather maniacs on local TV said that NOAA issued a tornado warning in a recent storm, yet their sirens never went off.
I was listening to the radio the next day and heard Bob Newton say that in order for the county to sound the sirens, someone has to visually confirm a tornado, that the National Weather Service issuing a tornado warning was not enough.

We guess the fact that they weren't blown away by the tornado isn't a big enough clue that a real tornado was not on the ground and therefore no reason to sound the sirens and scare people.

Maybe it's just us, but that is exactly when the sirens should go off... when they have visually been confirmed! Lord knows that there are enough weather spotter nut jobs rolling around during severe storms in their SUVs littered with so many antennas that porcupines question their own sexuality that if a real tornado is generated, it will be seen and the public will be alerted.

The only thing accomplished by sounding the alarms every time a red blob is near a green blob on the radar is complacency. Unfortunately, this wolf crying practice seems to be growing among local media outlets, who only use it to try and bolster their fledgling ratings, causing a growing number of people to think the TV is the best place for emergency weather information.

We remember when a tornado watch meant a storm is capable of producing tornadoes and viewers should be alert and when a tornado warning actually meant a tornado had been spotted on the ground and you should take immediate cover. Now a watch means absolutely nothing, a warning means what a watch did, and no one really knows when they are actually in imminent danger.

The same weather maniacs that changed this policy are probably the same wackadoos that changed the F scale to the EF scale just so tornadoes classifications can sound more scary. A tornado that was an F2 five years ago is now an EF3 or an EF4. Give us a break!

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