Monday, May 5, 2008

KCMO School District Dragging Feet on School Annexation

Independence, MO parents hoping their kids will finally be able to attend an accredited school may have to wait a bit longer than they expected.

Although voters from both Independence and Kansas City approved the transfer of five schools from the KC school district to the Independence district, the KCMO superintendent refuses to release the schools unless his district receives millions of dollars for the five schools.

Aside from the money that KCMO district is trying to extort, the Independence superintendent noted that KCMO's district will receive $23.7 million dollars from the state next year for the students in the annexed area despite the fact that they will not be providing any services to those students, which is more than enough to cover the costs of the buildings.


Jay said...

KCMO school district should just be split up and ht board hung up to dry

Anonymous said...

But the more money we bury the KC School Disctrict in, then the better it operates, right? All school districts deserve a free ride - a blank check that they can force all of us to pay. I feel great knowing that over 90% of my property taxes went to my school district and still I have to pony up dough for my kids for their "labs" and extra-cirricular activities.