Tuesday, May 20, 2008

KC Prepares for Historic Vote

Kansas Citians all over the area are preparing to cast their election night ballots in one of the most important issues facing Americans today. No, we aren't talking about the Democrat primaries in Oregon or Kentucky. "This is American Idol" of which we are speaking.

In the battle of the David's, who will reign supreme? Will it be KC's own rocker, David Cook or the child star, groomed from day one to be the next American Idol, David Archuleta?

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Anonymous said...

It would be in David Cook's best interests that he NOT win the AI top spot. That way he stays in control of all aspects of his soon-to-be-exploding career. Those who win the AI competetion are then under very controlling contracts and are not likely to be as successful as the runner-ups.

I can probably speak for everyone here in KC: Cook will ALWAYS be our American Idol!

So here's to hoping Mr Cook actually loses the top slot of AI, but hoping he blows Archuleta's socks off in his Post-AI career! :)

Archuleta: I've never been impressed by your geeky, just-off-the-nipple style & looks, nor your overbearing Stalinist father either. But I wish you well nonetheless in your career at McDonald's when your dad gets your singing career all f*cked up.