Thursday, May 8, 2008

If You Build it They will Come... We Hope

Midwest Voices loves 18th and Vine and their not about to hide it. They sing of KC's long history of Jazz and the city's contributions to black history. All noble aspects of the city's grand heritage. But for the life of them, they can't figure out why people aren't showing up in droves to spend their hard earned dollars at the Blue Room or in the Negro League Baseball Museum.

They, and apparently many other d-bags at the city, think the answer to all of 18th and Vine's problems is a big a$$ sign. Thankfully, the city is coming to the rescue by building a sign so large it can be seen from space, or a mile away depending on who you ask.

Unfortunately for Midwest Voices and the proprietors of the establishments located at 18th and Vine, the problem is not your signage, its the fact that the only people left who like jazz fought in WWII, most of which are dead now, and band geeks who are too afraid to leave the house. Plus, its not exactly like 18th and Vine has the reputation of being one of the family friendly safer parts of town.

Perhaps a better use of city funds might be to move the whole area a few blocks west.

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Anonymous said...

The Seventh Commandment of Liberalism:

Thou shalt throw money into failure projects.

The Eighth Commandment of Liberalism:

If it still fails, shit out more money.