Monday, May 5, 2008

DT Eyeing Sprint

We at the Kansas Citian have been calling for Sprint to merge with Deutsche Telekom (DT) for some time now. The time when we see that become a reality may finally be approaching.

DT is the parent company of fellow wireless provider T-mobile and the incumbent phone carrier in Germany. The investment capital that would be open to Sprint through DT may finally bring real competition in the US phone industry.

Sprint has been on the wrong end of the monopoly laden telecom game in the US for decades. They were forced to sit and watch their attempted merger with MCI fail, only to see a larger phone company, Verizon, gobble MCI up with no strings attached. They were forced to bear unfair burdens resulting from their Nextel merger that required them to sell off significant portions of their network, only to see Cingular get a no strings attached merger with AT&T wireless.

Here's hoping the deep pockets necessary to run fiber to the home in the US finally get opened up for Sprint.

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