Monday, May 12, 2008

Border Fence Moves U.S. Golf Course Into Mexico

Fort Brown Memorial Golf Course in Brownsville, TX is about to find itself on the wrong side of the border with Mexico.

The course is located in an odd bend along the Rio Grand. Spokesmen for the course say they are going to be caught off by the fence because DHS doesn't want to follow the natural flow of the river and can save money by just building it straight from one bend of the river to the other.

Open borders advocates are using it as an example of how the proposed border fence is trampling on the personal property rights of some American businesses. Of course, the course is actually owned by the University of Texas, so it's not exactly private enterprise, but it's interesting use of eminent domain regardless.

Its unclear whether U.S. golfers will need passports to play a round.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to end illegal crossings! Whack at 'em with a freakin' golf club!

Ben said...