Thursday, May 29, 2008

Exclusive: Bank of America Quietly Removing Spanish Language Marketing Material

You may remember a little over a year ago when Bank of America came under fire for giving credit cards to illegal aliens. At the time, the BofA's director of Latin America card operations said, "These people are coming here for quality of life, and they deserve somebody to give them a chance to achieve that quality of life."

It seems that now Bank of America's criminal practice of offering services to illegal aliens may be changing or at the very least being hidden a little better. Bank of America branches all over the Kansas City metro have been drastically reducing and in some cases completely removing all of the bank's marketing materials that are published in Spanish.

This abrupt change in behavior may be due in large part to boycott efforts like, which have proudly claimed some responsibility for Bank of America's dramatic 77% drop in revenues.

Calls to Bank of America for comment have not been returned.

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