Monday, April 7, 2008

Will KU's Coach Be Self-ish?

ESPN is reporting that Oklahoma State is preparing to offer KU's basketball coach, Bill Self, a $3.5 million per year contract along with a $6 million signing bonus to join the OSU team. OSU is barred from talking to the coach until after the NCAA tournament, but inside sources believe Self is likely to accept the offer.

Bill Self is an OSU alumni and thanks to a T. Boone Pickens, a $3 billion "booster" the school is getting serious about becoming a top tier basketball school.

Self did his best to deflate concerns, Sunday.
"I haven't been concerned about it being a distraction. It doesn't register with our players. To be real candid, it hasn't registered with me."

But most KU fans have heard that before, when then coach Roy Williams assured fans that he could "give a sh!t" about a rumored North Carolina job. Williams promptly accepted the offer to leave KU and return to his alma mater after his team was defeated in the NCAA championship game.

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