Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not Making the Cut

Here are some interesting blogs we are looking at but couldn't quite muster the motivation to devote full posts for:
  • KCMO Scholl District set to hear how incompetent citizens think they are.
  • MO House okays $40 million per year tax break for Bombardier, in hopes they'll bring their fancy jet making doohickies to KC.
  • People who remember Mtv when they actually had music videos, can get their fill of free DVD quality videos at, a company inspired by the popularity of watching crappy quality music videos on YouTube.
  • Apparently California's Assembly doesn't think DUIs are a bad enough crime to deport illegal immigrants. We'd like to see them tell that to the families of the 13 Americans killed each day by uninsured drunk driving illegal immigrants.
  • Midtown Miscreant thinks change is bad, very bad. We can't say we disagree with him in this case.
  • Tony's Kansas City talks about Fox's Mike Thompson comparing global warming zealots to Hitler. Wait, isn't it called 'climate change' now that scientists are seeing temperatures are actually cooling, not warming and so-called global warming was due to increased solar flare activity and not CO2 emissions?

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