Monday, April 7, 2008

No on Question 1, Bad for Employers?

Clyde McQueen, CEo of the Full Employment Council, thinks that if KC voters cast a NO ballot tomorrow on Question 1, that some how companies will have a difficult time filling "entry-level or support jobs". We'll just have to call **cough** bullsh!t.

"For many, if they can't find a way to go to and from work that costs a reasonable amount, they can't justify it," McQueen said. "That decision might take a person who is perfectly skilled for a job out of the work force."

First, the bus system is fully funded through 2009. Second, even if the 3/8 percent tax (approximately $22 million per year) for the KCATA is not extended for another 15 years, as question 1 would do if it passes, they would still not shut down the bus system. They would merely have to find ways to become more efficient to operate on their remaining annual budget of $44 million.

Even if employers found it more difficult to find entry-level support jobs, they could invest in telecommuting which would allow employees to work from home, drastically reducing the costs of travel. Plus, the KCATA plans to only cut Sunday and evening routes should the tax not be extended.

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Anonymous said...

The dishwasher at the restaurant in which I work is set to start telecommuting next week. I'll let you know how that works out.