Friday, April 4, 2008

MO Senate Says No to Sexy Billboards, Yes to Roadside Memorials

Back in 2004, Missouri banned so-called sexy billboards.
"We have the right to drive the highways of this state without children being assaulted," said [Gov. Bob] Holden

However, MO lawmakers feel it's okay to have our children constantly reminded about those who tragically die on Missouri highways. A new provision buried in a transportation bill would create a roadside memorial sign program.
The sign program would allow family members of a person killed by a drunken driver to sponsor a highway sign. The signs would include the phrases “Drunk Driving Victim” and “Who’s Next?” and include the victim’s initials.

We're not going sit here and say that we should not teach children about the dangers of drinking and driving or make light of the of the lives lost. But, we feel its long past time that we as a society put a stop to these candelight vigil, memorial sign, anniversary of ... debasements of the tragic loss of life.

The new program calls for the removal of the signs after ten years. Are we supposed to then hold another big vigil so the family of the victims can relive the death one more time as the sign is laid to rest? Are we ever obligated to encourage families to move on or just let them languish in heartache forever?

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