Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Michael Vick, Welcome to the Neighborhood

In between washing pots and pans and playing prison football at the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, KS, Micael Vick may want to try and catch May 28th's T-bones game. After all, it is "Welcome to the Neighborhood" night in his honor.

The T-bones will be celebrating the night by wearing special white and black striped uniforms, while the visiting Gary South Shore Railcats will be brightening up the field in their special edition orange jump suit uniforms. Be sure to participate in the jersey auction with proceeds going to area animal shelters, hopefully not the shelters who have been caught in the past killing dogs and tossing them over the fence in back. Yes, we're looking at you Wayside Waifs.

UPDATE: Kansas City, 4/21/08 - The T-Bones have withdrawn their "Welcome to the neighborhood" promotion amid cries of racism.


Anonymous said...

James-You are an idiot. Killing animals and throwing them over the back fence. Seriously???? Have you been to Wayside? Do you know the layout? Evidently not. Do you know what they do? The education programs available, the adopt a thons, dog walking programs, temperament testing, the multiple PR spots to get these little kiddos adopted??? The hundreds of volunteers that give time, money energy, not to mention blood and sweat and tears? Yes, you ARE and idiot!

James said...

I do know what they do and it's done a lot of good work, though I prefer to adopt my animals at my city pound. But if my memory serves correctly, and I think it does, about 5 or 6 years ago Waifs got in trouble for illegaly disposing of dog carcasses by tossing them over a fence in the back. At the time there was over growth and no one thought they'd be found, but obviously they were. I have searched for a link talking about it, but have been unable to find one. When I do, I will post it.

I believe they blamed it on a couple of employees/volunteers working there at the time and they were let go.

Anonymous said...

You spelled devastated incorrectly under your Twitter Updates.

Jenny in SE Kc said...

"In 2006, the KCMO animal shelter killed 97% of the dogs that it brought into the shelter. In 2007,they killed 86% of the dogs that came through the door. This is a huge number of dogs -- killed at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the taxpaying community. This is a number of dogs that barely makes Kansas City seem like a civilized community, much less a dog-friendly one."


5 or 6 years ago?!

James said...

Thanks for the comment, but your link didn't work. The "5 or 6 years ago" was about the carcass disposal incident.

Though your comments remind me of the fact that PETA also kills thousands of animals every year.


"2,981. That’s how many dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, and other "companion animals" died needlessly at PETA's hands in 2006. According to the group's own records, PETA employees killed more than 97 percent of the flesh-and-blood creatures in their care that year."

James said...

I think I found the post Jenny was referring to here:

Maybe I read the comments wrong, are you saying people shouldn't adopt from city shelters? I think the reason they euthanize animals is exactly why you should adopt there. Save an animal, don't pay some puppy mill or breeder hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Anonymous said...

James- I am asking a question and will be interested in hearing your response. "How do you think the animals are "normally" disposed of at Wayside Waifs?

Anonymous said...

I think the body dumping incident happened back in the late 90's when they were at their old location.

James said...

Anon, I think at present they cremate them and bury them at the pet cemetary behind the shelter.

The other Anon may be right, it could have been as far back as 10 or so years ago, which would explain why I am having such a difficult time finding the story. Time flies, I guess.

James said...

I glanced through the Stars archives and found these stories from around the same time... without ponying up the cash to read the full articles I can't tell if any mention the dumping:

The Kansas City Star - July 25, 1997 - C2 METROPOLITAN

Wayside Waifs accused of animal cruelty and neglect
Two dogs whose coats were matted with their own waste and cooped in a pen with feeding bowls filled with urine and excrement prompted Grandview officials to issue three citations Thursday to Wayside Waifs. The area's largest animal shelter was cited for violating ordinances that ban cruelty and neglect to animals; disposing of garbage in a ``landfill'' on the property, and keeping unlicensed and inoperable vehicles on the site, said Tom Greenwood, community...

The Kansas City Star - October 22, 1997 - C3 METROPOLITAN

Top official fined at Wayside Waifs Head of animal shelter enters no-contest plea to Grandview citations.
The top administrator at the area's largest animal shelter has pleaded no contest to four citations, including two for animal neglect, issued last summer by Grandview officials. Dan Houlahan, executive director of Wayside Waifs, said he settled the matter Monday. He paid $684 in fines on three of the charges and will be on probation for one year. He received a suspended sentence on one of the neglect citations. If he is ticketed within the next year for animal neglect, Houlahan...

The Kansas City Star - July 2, 1997 - C4 METROPOLITAN

Failed inspections hurt Wayside Waifs' future
Wayside Waifs, the largest animal shelter in the Kansas City area, does not meet minimum standards set by the Missouri Department of Agriculture and could be in danger of losing its license. The animal shelter at 3901 E. 119th St. in Grandview failed two consecutive department inspections - the latest one in June. The failures constitute a violation of Missouri law. In a June 18 letter to Daniel Houlahan, Wayside Waifs' executive director, Agriculture Department officials noted...

Anonymous said...

Your words-"Be sure to participate in the jersey auction with proceeds going to area animal shelters, hopefully not the shelters who have been caught in the past killing dogs and tossing them over the fence in back. Yes, we're looking at you Wayside Waifs."

James-What you posted is nothing new. Everyone knew this at the time. No big surprise. The conditions in the old building at Wayside were not good. A HUGE capital campaign began and a new facility was built with state of the art features and an educated "Caring" staff. Volunteers are interviewed as well to make sure they are "right" for the shelter and the mission they follow. There was NEVER dumping of dead animals. I love your back peddling. It was 5 years ago...NO maybe it was 10 years ago...Ummm, I can't find the link...etc.
And now you say because of the faults of others over a decade ago the money raised at a fundraiser should not help the animals who are housed there now???? Also I would never say don’t go to you city pound. I say go to ANY pound or shelter and adopt, save these animals, all of them! I think you owe someone an apology.

-The First Anon.

James said...

No back peddling, just wrong on dates. It happened.

Anonymous said...

You should know your information before you post it. That is your responsiblity before your put it out there.

I'm interested in knowing what you do to help the unwanted pet population? Put your money where your mouth is. Do you sit at the computer all day or do you actually get out there and do something about it???

Anonymous said...

As I said "WE ALL KNOW WAYSIDE HAD PROBLEMS", but AGAIN a decade ago. Now you are saying don't help the animals....Thats just great!

Anon 1

Big Ed said...

Wow - a lot of supporters of Wayside Waifs here. I remember that story on the news and am glad they cleaned up their act. And yes, that was a long time ago.

James you got a lot of interesting blogs here.