Friday, April 18, 2008

KC Media Sensationalism at its Best

Get out those bicycles helmets kids! Kansas City's media just can't avoid sensationlizing today's earthquake, which struck hundreds of miles away in western Illinois.

Here are just a sampling of Emmy winning reporting from KC's best "journalists":

At least KSHB 41 stuck to the facts, 5.2 Earthquake Felt in Missouri. Imagine, actual news reporting in this town. What is the world coming to?


Anonymous said...

these are all stories generated by the AP... with some tweaking.

Anonymous said...

But where the hell is the LOCAL ANGLE? There's always a local angle in EVERYTHING the local press spews out. It doesn't matter if it was man walking on the moon...

"Local Kansas City man is the uncle's best-friend's former barber of astronaut. We've got the EXCLUSIVE on his story..."