Wednesday, April 16, 2008

KC Earnings Tax: Don't Tread on Me

While the city contemplates increasing Kansas City's earnings tax behind closed doors and the state works to prevent cities like KC and St. Louis from levying the tax in the first place, it's time for area citizens who have been shelling out millions of dollars to stand up and take action.

KC is on pace to receive $206.5 million from its earnings tax this year. 54% of that coming from workers who do not live in the city (20% from Kansas residents and 34% from Missouri residents living outside KC). A clearer example of taxation without representation you will not likely find.

The state ban appears poised to pass, but will most assuredly face difficult challenges in court. That should not stop area workers who have been paying the 1% earnings tax and supporting this city for years from receiving just representation.

Therefore we are calling on the city to take action. First and foremost, we would like to see KC discontinue the earnings tax as it is a clear henderance to economic growth in the city. Since that is not likely to occur, we want to see Kansas City extend voting rights in city elections to all area residents that have paid KC's earnings tax for the prior tax year and are currently employed in Kansas City regardless of city or state of residency. KC should also open up all elected and appointed local government offices to those same workers.

KC is known as the city so grand, one state couldn't contain it. It's about time that all the citizens that have a stake in its operation get their say. Don't tread on me!


Johnny Stu said...

Here here! I like that idea!

Anonymous said...

Some cities allow illegal aliens to vote, so I don't see any harm in allowing US citizens, who pay the E tax, to vote.