Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's Official, Kansas Citians Love Big Government

We held out hope, but never really had much doubt. Kansas Citians love big government.

Proving that Kansas Citians never saw a tax they didn't like, they voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to extend a 3/8 percent sales tax for another 15 years that was set to expire next year for KC's failling bus system. They further eroded the property rights of small business owners by approving a smoking ban that exempted big casinos and sports team owners. They also approved a $1000 annual fee for short-term loan businesses.

UPDATE: Mayor Funkhouser is proudly ringing the register.

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Anonymous said...

Kansas City now wants to limit me on where I can smoke - touting how it's good for me and everyone else NOT to smoke, but they hold out their hand for those tax dollars when I buy cigarettes.


The city of KC says, "Smoking is bad!", yet they got a big smile on their face when they stuff our cigarette tax money in their wallet.


If smoking is going to kill me, then why is the city so happy to make a profit off my death?


They say the tax is to pay for my health costs because I smoke, but I sure the hell don't see Kansas City paying a single penny of my insurance.


So Kansas City doesn't want my business. Fine by me. I'll be more than happy to go to restaraunts in Gladstone, Riverside, and the likes where I can still smoke. I'll buy my cigarettes in those cities too. And Kansas City can kiss my butt while they watch both my sales tax and cigarette tax dollars go to someone else.