Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Funkhouser's Raise

We've all heard Kansas City Mayor, Mark Funkhouser try and justify his $4,000 per year and the councils 4% raises. Specifically, Funk had this to say on the controversy.

"People have to make a living. The mayor has to make a living," Funkhouser said. "I would say to those people, I took a substantial pay cut to be mayor, so I'll take the $4,000."

We could ask about the pension he's already drawing from his last city gig, like other bloggers, but we won't. However, we do have another question.

Mr. Mayor, weren't you the city auditor before becomming mayor? How friggin' much is the city paying the city auditor, if you took a "signficant" pay cut to earn $113,000 per year?

Is it just us, or does paying an accountant significantly more than the city's chief executive not make any sense at all?

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Fartknocker said...

Aw, leave him alone. Everyone has to make a living. Hell, nobody can live on $133k anymore. Isn't minimum wage $35/hr now?

I've seen bums turn down jobs paying $40/hr...