Friday, April 25, 2008

The First Negative Affects of KC's Smoking Ban Materialize

Kansas City area pool halls are racking up the client losses now that most pool players are looking outside the city for establishments that allow smoking.

"It's huge. It's what this bar is built on. We're not a pool hall, we're a neighborhood bar and grill, but our pool tables are our biggest draw," [said Rob Blair, co-owner of the Peppermill Bar and Grill]

Blair cancelled his plans to expand after the smoking ban passed. Now he's worried his business will even survive. Most of his pool clients have already indicated that they will begin playing where smoking is allowed when the new ban takes effect on June 7th.

"We're losing pool teams to Grandview, to Belton, to other bars that don't have a smoking ordinance," Blair said. "Without pool players, we won't make it."

One unseen benefit this news might indicate is that our chances of seeing Tonya Harding again may have significantly declined.


Smokers unite said...

Oh where do I begin?

This is were the rubber meets the road: the REAL effects of a smoking ban. Small businesses suffering at the hands of a dictatorship. We were all doing fine with the segregated smoking/nonsmoking sections, but nope, a handful of elitists want to run everyone else's lives.

They never frequent these places anyways - they're packed tightly into every Starbucks and Panera's anyways - why screw with places they'll never be? They just can't get enough of being more judgemental than even the most conservative of religious freaks. Talk about hypocrites.

These are the same freaks that tout all day long that smoking is gonna kill us all, yet the very cars they drive pollute the air we breathe. The very household chemicals they use to clean their bathtubs ruins thousands of gallons of fresh water. Every time they jog alongside a road and cars pass by, they inhale more carbon monoxide than a pack of smokes.

Smaller towns will follow the way of Las Vegas - being a haven and oasis of legal gambling in a desert of laws against it. Smokers will flock to these towns and generously give their sales tax dollars to these havens for smokers.

I have already taken it one step further: Kansas City (nor any other city with a smoking ban) will benefit from my sales tax and ciagrette tax from purchasing smokes. I go to shops in Oakview Village & North Kansas City to get my cigarettes now. I have found restaurants and entertainment in cities such as these that still allow for smoking and you can find me there as well.

Some establishments I will no longer be visiting or buying from:

Jumpin' Catfish Restaurant
Antioch Rd

North Bowl Chinese Restaurant
Vivian & Chouteau

Alamo Lounge
Parvin Rd

Marcy's Restaurant/Lounge

Stop Killing Mom & Pop said...

Where the rubber meets the road is exactly where you're ditching all those KC places. It's people like you who cause these mom & pops to fail. You're blaming them for conforming to the law. They have to do that.

Instead of leaving them in the lurch and then complaining that they're closing, buy your smokes outside of the city but continue to patronize the places you did. Support your local small businesses - they're not to blame for something over which they have no control - and you can step outside for a smoke.

Unless, of course, the fact that these places could fail isn't what's really bothering you.

Think about it.