Friday, April 25, 2008

Darla Jaye Talks to Rev. Jesse Jackson

KMBZ's Darla Jaye spoke with Rev. Jesse Jackson this morning about the housing crisis and its affects on minorities. (Listen here)

During the interview Ms Jaye was reprimanded by the reverend for her lapse in manners and calling him by his first name, Jesse.

Jaye immediately, and rightfully so, apologized for her the lack of respect she showed. She then continued the interview.

The incident may say less about her feelings towards Rev. Jackson and more about the overall demeanor of 980's hosts, particularly Darla Jaye. When Darla Jaye and other hosts on KMBZ begin losing an argument with a caller, the caller is shouted down and then disconnected. The host then goes on to imply the caller is an idiot, crackpot, or Ron Paul supporter.

We at tKC believe it is one thing to disconnect a caller that is rambling incoherently, as many often do, or simply repeating the same point over and over and not furthering the dialogue one way or another, but it is something else entirely to act as they do towards callers, with differing opinions, that are doing a much better job of making their points than the host. The hosts sometimes blame time constraints, as if their phones do not have that fandangled new hold technology. At other times, they just plain disrespect the very callers/listeners that the stations advertisers are relying upon.

We listen to several different talk radio shows and we can safely say that we have rarely, or if ever, see this kind of behavior from other national radio show hosts like the Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Rielly, Dave Ramsey, Art Bell, etc.

Maybe KMBZ needs to instruct their hosts on simple manners or do a much better job when hiring call screeners, so that the people their hosts will inevitably insult have a less chance of making it on the air. Personally, we're holding out for the return of Jerry Agar.

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