Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wasting Time, a KS Politican Pastime

We all know the biggest problem facing Kansas today is the possibility of potty words in our students school work. Thankfully Olathe Rep. Sen. Karin Brownlee is here to save us. She feels teachers should be required to send any outside classroom material that might be considered obscene to the school board for approval.

As if the KS school board doesn't have enough to worry about with their continual attacks on evolution, now she wants them to ban teachers from having kids read such obscene works of fiction like Huckleberry Finn. Apparently, she doesn't think parents have any responsibility to determining for themselves what their kids are learning.

The bill was previously shelved weeks ago. Today, Prime Buzz is reporting that an attempt to resurrect it has also failed.

What is going on in the Kansas legislature? Surely Ms Brownlee can find better uses of her time.

Here are just a few ways we suggest:
  • repeal the law that allows in-state tuition for illegal immigrant students

  • overturn the Governer's energy bill veto

  • put forth a new bill requiring employers to use the federal e-verify system when hiring employees

  • pass a bill that would allow out-of-state health insurance companies to compete with KS firms providing greater choice and lower premiums.

  • pass a bill that would require the local telephone and cable monopolies to provide wholesale access to their networks; creating greater choice and competition in the high-speed Internet market.

  • give us a bill that would tie money for education to the student, allowing students the opportunity to choose to attend any school in their district and have that money go to that school.

  • repeal affirmitive action laws that give preferential treatment based on skin color or sex.

And the best possible use of her time...

  • Lower taxes!

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