Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trading Your Inhaler for a Noose

If you're one of the millions of Americans inflicted with asthma, there is no need to suffer any longer. Ask your doctor about Singulair! Singulair is a prescription medicine that can help asthma sufferers. Side effects are generally mild and vary by age, and may include headache, ear infection, sore throat, and suicide.

Wait. Did you say suicide?

Yes, we did. But it's only a mild suicide. Just think of the other benefits. You won't need your inhaler anymore and you won't have to worry about taking part in any strenuous activities!

Well, its a good thing the FDA is out there protecting us lowly proletarians from those pesky Canadian drugs.
Patients should not [emphasis added] stop taking Singulair before talking to their doctor if they have questions about the new information. Healthcare professionals and caregivers should monitor patients taking Singulair for suicidality (suicidal thinking and behaviour) and changes in behaviour and mood."

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