Tuesday, March 18, 2008

To Smoke or Not To Smoke, That is the Question

It's the last curtain call for one Minnesota bar that has found an ingenious loophole in the state's smoking ban in bars and restaurants.

The bar, The Rock, had been staging theatre nights where patrons could go on stage to smoke during fake stage shows. The loophole in the ban exempts stage performers from the ban.

A city attorney threatened to take away the bar's liquor license if they did not cease and desist. There are approximately 3 dozen other establishments in Minnesota currently putting on similar productions.

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Anonymous said...

Why not have a bar that's ONE BIG STAGE? Call it "Theater of Life" where everyone is a participant.

Doesn't anyone remember prohibition and the money that was wasted trying to enforce laws that most didn't want to begin with? Go ahead and ban smoking - it's not going to stop people from smoking. We can't even make a dent in the "war against drugs" and now we need something else to war with.

All I can say is that there's plenty of restaurants and bars to go to in the smaller towns and cities that would LOVE a big influx of business. I know these do-gooding antismokers would love to ban smoking everywhere, but that just won't happen. Once you ban it in a majority of places, you have now created a market for places that DO allow smoking. How did Las Vegas get so popular? All you need is one city that holds out every 20-40 miles and you've made "smoking meccas" that will thrive.

Think about it.