Wednesday, March 5, 2008

TKC Asks The Obvious Question On All Our Minds

Parking for KC's new Sprint Center has been fairly well handled for late night concerts and weekend events (that is unless you want to actually go to McFadden's and spend your hard earned money and an event at the Sprint Center happens to be letting out at the same time and the traffic cops tell you tough $h!t), but the first real challenge is about to hit. Since the Big XII basketball tournament is being held during business hours, workers downtown are finding they won't be able to park where they usually do. Ticket holders to the event are also being asked to park at Kemper Arena's parking and be bussed in.

TKC was spot on when he asked...

If Kemper Arena is empty, and people have to park at Kemper to go [to the] Big 12 Tournament . . . Why didn't they just have the Big 12 at Kemper?

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