Thursday, March 6, 2008

Power & Light District Grand Opening... Sort of

We're about 1 hour away from the big bash down in the P&L District. There'll be tons of festivities including fireworks and an outdoor concert featuring Pat McGee.

I bet you can tell we are almost having to be beaten back by co-workers with big pieces of wood with rusty nails protruding out in all directions to keep from exploding with pure excitement. Either that or we were so bored by yet another announcement promoting the P&L District which has been nothing but a bunch of broken promises and budget short falls thrust on KC by the Cordish Company that we fell asleep and are just dreaming the whole thing.

Let's count the lies together, shall we?

  • Grand Opening is scheduled for the opening of the Sprint Center - whoops, sorry we just couldn't help the delays.
  • They'll be plenty of free parking in the P&L garage - just kidding, it will cost $10, $2 if you get your parking validated at one of the two places that are actually open in the district, but we will also need the city to hire and pay the employees of the garage to collect the money and give to us.
  • Grand Opening is scheduled for March - okay, but less than 40% of the stores and shops will actually be open. The rest might be by October.
  • It'll be a great place for all Kansas Citians to experience, a real family atmosphere - well that is if you don't wear work boots or hard hats, don't have any baggy clothes on like those pesky sweat shirts you kids wear these days, no bandanas (we don't need any train robberies), and you can't be upset if we let a bunch of women run around with their bresticles hanging out and allow people to walk around boozing in the streets.

Okay, maybe we are just a bit jaded. We still remember voting for the P&L District back in the 90's when we were being promised a Planet Movies theatre where KC would get real movie premieres.

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