Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Devil's Video Games

The nanny state that knows what's better for kids than parents do is at it again. Now they want to put cigarette-style warning labels on video games.
The report, commissioned by the Prime Minister in response to a growing moral panic about video games, will conclude that [video games] can harm the development of children’s beliefs and value systems and desensitise them to violence. It will also recommend that retailers who sell video games to anyone under the age rating on the box should face a hefty fine or up to five years in prison[.]

Harm their beliefs and value systems? Really? And here I thought it was up to parents to teach their children the difference between right and wrong and shape their belief and value systems and not the government.

Where have we seen these kinds of panic attacks before?

It's a pattern that seems to be repeated every generation. Whatever the kids are playing with, reading, watching, or listening to must be corrupting them. Every intelligent elitist knows that we should not recognize this pattern and the fact that time and again our fears are proven unfounded, but we should instead rush out and ban everything so as to make our lives easier and free of change. Because we all know change is bad, very, very bad.

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