Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Liberal Blogs Full of Sexism, Hate, and Lies?

Liberals love to proclaim themselves tolerant and progressive. But there are growing number of complaints about the bigotted attacks and general abusiveness coming from many liberal bloggers.

It's gotten so bad that one DailyKos diarist has begun a boycott of the site.
I will not be posting at DailyKos effective immediately. I will not help drive up traffic or page-hits as long as my candidate – a good and fine DEMOCRAT - is attacked in such a horrid and sexist manner not only by other diarists, but by several of those posting to the front page.

The attackers and disrupters are no better than Chris Matthews with their sexism, hate, lies, and obsession with bashing - all – things – Hillary.

This isn't the first time DailyKos has been under attack for similar behavior being displayed by its members.
[T]he hate this site traffics in rivals the KKK and Nazi websites.

Other liberal blogs have also been criticised for allowing their members and readers to spew hate filled attacks and even calls for violence against people who do not agree with their view points. One such site is the Huffington Post.
Back in March, Huffington censored unauthorized commenters expressing regret that bombers in Afghanistan failed to kill Vice President Dick Cheney, drawing criticism for crushing free speech from HBO talk-show host Bill Maher. But the HuffPost’s official bloggers, many of them Hollywood celebrities, have often matched that harshness of tone in posts that unloaded on the wrong-headedness of America and its re-election of the Bush administration, often loaded with profanity and crude sexual and excretory metaphors.

We at tKC thought it would be interesting to see what hate speech we could find on some of the more popular left leaning blogs in the area. We were pretty taken aback at what we found.

We took a look at Tonyskansascity, one of the area's most popular blogs. Tony's blog is given such respect by the local blogosphere that he has his own segment on KMBZ 980's morning show and is often quoted on the KC Star's Prime Buzz blog.

Here's just a sampling of the tolerance and inclusiveness one can expect to find there:

he is a white male, and therefore my sworn enemy

Let’s focus all our attention on keeping white women happy and safe!!!

I could have sworn that the mandatory trade-up date on white women in Johnson County was something like 31

my urban core experience marvels at white people using public transport

TKC adding the bus in JoCo to a long list of places where white women might be open to suggestion.

Thank you Sweet Jesus, the missing white woman is safe!!!

this issue has been a loser for so many white people in Kansas City.

In all of the drama, I've yet to see or hear of any person of color who felt strongly one way or another about light rail

Fox 4 has an amazing story about a surprising legal disparity in favor of luxury vehicle operators i.e. white guys on vacation.

Furthermore, animal rights isn't that strange of a cause for TKC to support given that I've participated in countless silly activities at the behest of white women.

In my tireless pursuit of fat bottomed white broads TKC has…

Sadly, if I stayed quiet because of what some (admittedly handsome) white guy told me I would have never banged so many blonde, MILF divorcées

I’ve been informed that the mandatory "trade-up" age for most JoCo Trophy wives is 35 years young. It seems harsh but I don't make the rules . . . Upper class white guys with money do.

it's hard for me to show an interest in anybody but chubby, blonde white MILFS

…in discussions of Riley there's usually some white person who points out the fact that the guy isn't popular in his own community…

The Kansas City blogosphere extends much further than a small cadre of white people…

Stuff white people like in Kansas City

The blogosphere isn't all white in Kansas City.

In the case of the Red Bridge Crowd, middle-class white people were genuinely surprised that there demands were not immediately met.

The only surprising aspect of the Red Bridge story is that this time it was employed against white people.

I talk a lot of smack and constantly deride affluent white people

Weed’s where the white people live too

JoCo is founded on racial covenants, bigotry, segregation, rampant consumerism, conformity and fear

We're sure Tony thinks he is just being funny, but so did Don Imus.

It would seem that the evidence is clear. If you are looking for your daily dosage of sexism, hate and lies, you need look no further than your nearest liberal blogger.


Tony said...

Damn dude. That is an impressive list of quotations.

I like your post. I think you make a lot of good points.

Concerning my part, let me go through my list of defenses:

"I can't be a racist some of my best friends are white."

"You're one of the good ones."

"I grew up around white people so I'm not racist."

Pick any one of those and that'll suffice as my alibi.

Seriously, I like your post and your blog looks better everyday. I should have linked this one, I might later.

As for TKC as a liberal blog. Not so much, it's a satirical blog and a great deal of my criticism is aimed at Mayor Funkhouser who is a self-described "liberal Democrat."

Go figure.

Still, keep up the awesome work. This blog is kicking ass in a major way and that's no joke.

Dustin said...

Tony's right, I read his blog for satire and every post that you show is satirical to me. Imus was not being funny when he made his comment, BIG difference. He is also right in the goodness of this blog, I also read this one for it's pragmatism and honesty, keep it up.

Locomotive Breath said...

Great post.

TKC might be a good guy deep down, and this is simply an internet persona, but the real you often shines through in time after time of what you say & do.

In short, TKC = B,B, & B (beer, boobs & bigotry).

The fawning adulation for his bigot rants & racist slants is the main reason I boycott KMBZ & KC (red) Star's prime buzz. The hypocrisy is simply too stupefying.

Apparently, brown people can do that, and be featured in the local media, but white folks would be (rightfully & deservedly) tarred & feathered.

I believe the leftist screaming meanies call it 'hate speech'.

Discrimination is alive and well.

Or maybe I'm just one of those 'typical white folks' that barak milhous obama mentioned.