Thursday, March 27, 2008

KS Lawmakers Let Employers Slide on Illegal Immigration

Kansas lawmakers have proved once again they aren't serious about solving the problem of illegal immigration. They have pulled language from a Kansas immigration bill that would have required employers to use the federal e-verify system when hiring employees and would provide stiff penalties for employing illegal aliens.

Instead of new mandates for business and criminal penalties for those who knowingly hire illegal workers, the bill includes new criminal penalties for human trafficking, the exploitation of illegal immigrants and employment identity fraud. It also would prohibit illegal immigrants from receiving many public benefits and create an illegal immigration unit in the attorney general’s office.

As long as politicians refuse to require businesses to follow the law and allow them to hire illegal immigrants, no matter how you punish illegal alien workers, the problem will continue. The only solution to the current immigration problems in this country is to remove the incentives for breaking immigration laws. We all know that employment is reason numero uno.

You simply can not tell a poor foreigner that it is wrong to enter the U.S. illegally, but if you do you can have a job, free healthcare, and free education and expect them not to do anything they can to come here.

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Anonymous said...

Kansas is a republican state and the republicans are beholden to the chamber of commerce. So long as groups like this tout free trade, the government will never seriously try to enforce our borders or employment law because one of the tenets of free trade is free movement of labor.

Think of free trade as it exists between the 50 states. Goods like automobiles, services like credit cards, capital like investments and labor as in people are free to move from state to state without goverment interference. This is what the business interest have in mind for the global economy. When they talk free trade, don't think they are just talking about shipping cars from Japan to the USA tariff free. They are also wanting services, capital and labor to freely cross international boundaries as well.