Thursday, March 13, 2008

KC Chief's Jared Allen Still Sober?

Notorious boozer and Chief's footballer Jared Allen has opened his very own sports bar. The Jared Allen's Sports Arena and Grill opened last Friday to all the fanfare one would expect from a player of one of the NFL's worst franchises.

The obvious irony of a self-proclaimed "on the wagon" Allen opening an establishment that's slogan is "wine me, dine me, sixty-nine-me" goes without saying. We're pretty sure Allen hasn't yet put down the bottle as he claims. Especially, since it wasn't that long ago when we caught him and his fellow Chiefer Grigsby toting around a handle of Patron at last August's Young Country Celebrity Golf Tournament, shortly after which he proclaimed his dedication to sobriety on HBO's Hard Knocks.


calchief1 said...

You are an example of the worst elements of blogging. I would venture that you haven't had more than a passing brush with Jared. I have know him for 9 years and he is far more than the "notorious boozer". He has been clean and sober, IS clean and sober, and is committed to finishing out his NFL career without any further incident. The fact that his name means immediate marketing splash for the sports bar is good business and NOT some fodder for a dime store psychologist to post about "obvious irony" of anything.

He maneuvered through the full compliment of Super Bowl parties, Pro Bowl events, and vacation out of the country without a drop of liquor coming anywhere near him. Of course, that doesn't seem to score well with your blog tone. Its much better to assume and work for Carl Peterson?

I don't know who the "We're pretty sure..." is, but you don't actually KNOW anything about Jared. I will say this, you guys are all absolutely alike...when he was drafted people blogged that it was a wasted pick. Then when he blossomed, everybody loved him. When he fell, you all turned on him. This season he tore up the league and he was again a KC superstar. Now that it's contract time, every nitwit with a venue is trying to either tear him down or make a case for King Carl to short pay again.

Until you can meet the journalistic measure of proof and truth it would be better for you to remain silent. Vague thoughts posted as fact is wrong.

James said...

"We" is us. And our opinion is based on our own eye-witness acount of him boozing it up at last summers q104 golf tournament. We will be back, as will Jared and we are sure to see a repeat. Maybe we'll get pics this time.