Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's Time to Go Digital

Tired of paying high cable bills? Or better yet, how'd you like to not have to pay one at all? Make the switch to digital TV today and you can do just that!

You might be thinking you need to go out and buy an expensive flat panel HDTV and subscribe to more expensive cable or satellite services, but you might be surprised to learn that that's not the case.

Just get your TV Converter Box $40 off coupon here, thanks to the federal government. Then head on down to Best Buy or your favorite electronics retailer and pickup a converter box and a set of rabbit ears. Yes, we said rabbit ears.

You may have fond memories of standing on one foot and holding a ball of foil around the end of your antenna to get the Chiefs game or the latest episode of Dallas to come in clear, but those days are gone. The on/off nature of the new digital signal gives the viewer a crystal clear high definition image with full digital sound.

The setup is simple. Just plug the box in, screw the antenna into the back and start watching.

TV Barn has a nice review of their new TV converter box.
I have to say I’m impressed. The quality is outstanding and I’m getting stations from as far away as St. Joseph. I showed it to several people... [t]hey were very impressed and plan to drop cable.

Drop cable? Oh the horror! The sad fact is most of us only watch the local channels and a handful of others. Yet, we are forced to buy expensive bundles of channels for absurdly high prices. Just how many people are actually watching the ESPN 8 "The Ocho" and the Aramaic Language Channel anyway?

With digital, local channels have the ability to broadcast multiple program streams simultaneously. For instance, PBS 19 currently broadcasts 4 different channels worth of programming. On KSHB 41, the local NBC affiliate, you can get their main programming and a 24/7 weather only channel.

With all the open bandwidth, it might not be long before we see the major networks start simulcasting their news and other channels (MSNBC, FOX News, FX, Bravo, ESPN, etc.) in the available signal space. Not only would it provide more advertiser supported free content for consumers, but it could provide additional revenue streams from the network affiliates. It would certainly make it harder for the local cable monopolies to pull stunts like this.

If the rising cost of gas is hitting you in the pocket book, give your budget a break and go digital today! Besides, you are going to have to do it anyway as the federal digital TV mandate goes into effect on Feb. 17, 2009.

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