Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Funk to Wants to Pass the Bunk to the Feds - by Bunk, We Mean the Liberty Memorial

In 98 voters paid $48 million to restore the Liberty Memorial. In 2004 they paid another $20 million to create the National World War I Museum hidden underneath. Now memorial officials want an extra $625,000 from the city on top of the $625,000 annual contribution they already get.

"I would be thrilled to have the federal government take over Liberty Memorial, add it to the national park system," Mayor Mark Funkhouser said.

Needless to say, we don't think the city or tax payers should continue to throw money at a monument whose management can't seem to find a way to capitalize on its status as the only National World War I museum. Here is one idea off the top of our heads.

Memorial Day is just around the corner. Why not invite Frank Buckles, the last living U.S. World War I vet, who just so happens to be from Missouri originally and has never seen the thing, to tour the museum and receive an honorarium on the front lawn. Invite active military and members of the media.

But since that would make too much sense, its not likely to happen. So instead they are planning to honor him when he dies by having some big hoopla that he won't even be able to experience.

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