Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cleaning Up is Hard to Do

The Star just can't give enough free publicity to the Sprint Center these days. They've pinned an article on how difficult it is for the janitorial staff to clean up the Sprint Center after an event.
When 18,000 people leave the building, the place is a real mess.

Really? Is it more easy for the crews at Kemper, or the K, or Arrowhead?
“Every building in the world has restrooms that must be kept clean,” Pulford said. “They all have challenges with the comings and goings of 18,000 people at any given time. But no other building has 2,204 panes of glass.”

True, but the crew at the Sprint Center doesn't even clean the windows. They contract the work out.

So here's a collective hat tip from all of us at the Kansas Citian to David Pulford, operations manager for the Sprint Center, for doing his f'n job. A second tip of the hat goes out to KC Star reporter Steve Pinn for thinking we need 500 words of prime news real estate to talk about picking up trash and scrubbing toilets.

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Anonymous said...

If I recall most of the glass panels at the Sprint Center are out of reach of the 18,000 attendees. So why would it be necessary to clean the interior portion of the panels after each event? I can see periodic cleaning on the external side due to dust and dirt.