Monday, March 17, 2008

Brownback Not Running for Re-election

Burried in a Prime Buzz post, Kansas Senator Sam Brownback has officialy announced he will not seek re-election when his term in the U.S. Senate is up in 2010. Because Brownback is a staunch supporter of amnesty for illegal immigrants, we at tKC can't wait to refer to him as the former Senator from Kansas.


Anonymous said...

Brownback promised he'd serve only two terms when he was first elected. Way to stay on top of "buried" news from 1996.

Sam Wetback said...

He said he would only serve two terms? Then why is he now in the middle of his 3rd? He served a partial term begining in '96 when Dole retired, was re-elected in '98 and again in '04.

Looks like he only believes in term limits when they interfere with a possible gubernatorial bid.

Anonymous said...

I can't help you see through your bitter bigotry enough to realize he made a term limit pledge (2 full terms) and is sticking to it.

But you are ignoring the fact that you might be an idiot who missed some relevant news that has been widely known for 12 years.

Via con Dios idiota.

James said...

Oye como va.

Please don't lump me in with the guy up there. The key term in the post is "officially." Try to pay better attention next time.