Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Suicidal Pets Get Anti-depressants

Sometimes You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up. Veterinarians are prescribing anti-depressants like Prozac to pets that show signs of depression.

PETS at risk of self-harm are increasingly being prescribed anti-depressants because they cannot discuss problems in their lives with others, a leading veterinarian says.

We at the Kansas Citian were completely unaware of the rash of pets committing suicide. We are heartened that vets around the globe are addressing this very serious problem.

"Typically if people go out to work all day their parrot will get very bored and frustrated and eventually develop depression."

And here we thought that animals loved being caged up and locked inside all day. It's good to know that we know longer have to worry about setting our pets free to make them happy and can instead just pop them some pills.

"It doesn't cure all animals, but around two-thirds respond to the treatment. In a small number of cases things will go well until we wean them off Prozac and the problems return."

It is unclear whether pets weaned of the anti-depressants will be likely to go on a shooting rampage at obedience school, an act which is common among their human counterparts.

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