Thursday, February 28, 2008

Out With the Old... Finally

Max and Tanna, formerly of KY102 fame, have been shown the door by station owner Entercom Communications.

The two old fogies have been a staple of KC morning radio for decades and decades and even more decades. Now, much like the music they spin, they have grown old and tired. It's high time they were put out to pasture.

On one hand, we applaud Entercom for taking a step forward, but for the life of us can't figure out why they would change the name of the station, fire its old geezer on air personalities, but keep playing songs that are so dry and stale they make communion wafers look like mouth watering disks of joy.

As if looking forward to more years of declining ratings wasn't enough punishment for Entercom, Max and Tana want to sue them for age discrimination.

We don't think Entercom is too worried though. All they have to do is point to Mike Shanin and remind the court they still let him on the air.

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