Wednesday, February 20, 2008

MO Sells Your Private Data Then Sues Buyer

Missouri Attorney Jay Nixon is taking a website to court. Nixon says the website is selling the private data of Missouri residents. sells access to all the data that can be obtained from a MO drivers licenses, including in some cases social security numbers. But here's the catch, the information is selling... was sold to them by none other than the Missouri Department of Revenue.

Nixon is going after the website because he says they are failling to ask buyers why they want the information in accordance with MO law. Someone should tell Nixon that perhaps the MO Department of Revenue should be asking these questions prior to handing out MO residents' private data instead of expecting anyone with a few bucks and a website to protect Missourians' privacy.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone who does not switch to a non-SSN driver's license number is stupid. Any state that still thinks it's ok to use SSN's as driver's license numbers is "more stupider".

Thanks a lot Missouri. First we vote yes to help clone research, now we're helping make another kind of clone. I always wanted to see five of me wandering around buying stuff and not paying for it. I wonder what my stolen identities look like? I bet I look like I'm South of the border or maybe even Eastern European.