Friday, February 15, 2008

Kansas Finally Taking Action on Voter Fraud

The Kansas House is finally taking up legislation that would require those registering to vote to prove American citizenship and those voting to supply a valid photo ID. A similar bill passed the Kansas Senate last year.

Currently Kansas law only requires voter registration applicants to sign an affidavit swearing they are a legal citizen. Having done this, they receive their voter registration card and are able to then vote in local, state, and federal elections.

"[Illegal aliens] use [the voter registration card] to try to get a driver's license or use it when they show up to apply for work," said House Speaker Melvin Neufeld. "If you talk to the people who work in the court houses and handle driver's license applications, people come in who pull out three different IDs and can't decide which one to apply for until they get out their voter registration card to see which other ID stuff they need to give."

Ford County Clerk Vicki Wells said, "Sometimes you register a person and wonder if they really are a citizen, but you can't ask. We've been told it could be discrimination if we ask[.]"

The census reports that the Kansas hispanic population has increased from 188,252 in 2000 to 236,351 in 2006. These numbers seem to be increasing exponentially as illegal immigrants from Oklahoma flood into Kansas and Texas in the wake of recent laws that crack down on employers of illegal aliens. In a 2004 study, The Pew Hispanic Center estimated that up to 70,000 hispanic illegal aliens were currently living in Kansas, that's 3 in 10.

The current immigration problem in the U.S. is complex and difficult to solve. Securing the border against the threat of terrorism, drug and human smuggling and protecting the credibility of our elections by requiring proof of citizenship and ID are things we as a nation can no longer ignore. Not only must we do these things for the security and stability of America, but we must continue to embrace the former and future legal immigrants that make our country the greatest on Earth.

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