Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Go See Bodies Revealed and You'll Burn In Hell

The KC Star is reporting that the Catholic Church is advising its practitioners not to go see the "Bodies Revealed" exhibit coming to Union Station at the end of the month.
[T]he exhibit [is] “unseemly and inappropriate.”

Union Station officials have attempted to reach out to the church about the exhibit.
“We continue to stand by our belief that this exhibition has great educational value and that school children of all faiths will learn much from it.”

We are still seeing more and more area bloggers jumping on the body snatching band wagon. They bring up the same tired issues alleging the bodies were obtained without permission, despite the fact that bodies brought into question by ABC are not even for the exhibit coming to Union Station but one that is currently in Cincinnati, OH, "Bodies... The Exhibition".


Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church has lost all credibility with me. First, the church covered up the gay, pedophile priest scandals by assigning the abusing priest to new positions. They gave zero, nada, zip support to the abused kids.

Second, the church with its declining memebership, see 1 above, wants to open America's borders despite the consequences because over 50% of the newcomers are catholic.

So their calls to boycott this exhibit will fall on my deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

What?! The Catholic church cares nothing for the human body? I'm shocked. I hope that this doesn't mirror their actions towards their constituents. Hopefully, they won't have priests molesting children, then try to cover it up or even lock up their investments so that they won't have to pay out damages. Also, as masters of the human spirit, it's nice of them to have an opinion on a bunch of spiritless, dead bodies.