Saturday, February 23, 2008

Expect the Unexpected

Last night "expect the unexpected," the tag line for CBS's Big Brother, took on a whole new meaning for fans of Big Brother that are rooting for fellow Kansas Citian, Sharon Obermueller.

TMZ revealed that current co-HoH, James, has a sorted past as a male stripper and gay porn star. They also allege he will be the star of his own gay porn web series, to be launched as soon as his run on CBS's Big Brother 9 is over. It is unclear whether CBS plans to inform the show partner and "soul mate," Chelsia, they selected for him of his sorted past.

On top of that, the house suffered its first ever medical scare late last night, not once, but twice. First, House guest Allison suffered anaphylactic shock after eating slop. Then, while Allison was being administered treatment by the show's medical staff in the diary room another house guest, Amanda, began having trimmers. Completely unaware of what was happening with Allison, Amanda tried to enter the diary room unsuccesfully and collapsed on the floor and began having ciesures. Several houseguests attempted to provide aide her while others called for help.

The two were rushed to a near by emergency room and cleared a few hours later to return to the house. Doctors are still investigating the cause of Allison's allergic reaction and expect results some time today. It is believe that Amanda's collapse was a result of malnutrition from her failure to eat since being on slop as a penalty for losing one of the show's food competitions.

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